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Working for equity...

20 Years

of experience fighting to bring equity to our community

$8 Million

secured through the Health Profession Opportunities Grants


recommendations outlined in the RASE report

Fighting for change.

I am Dr. Candice Lucas, and it will be my honor to represent District 29 in the Monroe County Legislature.  I want to be your advocate in the fight for equity for our community, and Rochester, as a whole. 
I was born in Brooklyn, NY but made Rochester my home when I moved here 30 years ago to further my education. 
I chose Rochester because of its rich history, close-knit community, and job opportunities. Over time, I also bore witness to some of its challenges.  
Rochester has the most segregated school district border in the country, is ranked the 2nd worst place to live in the nation for people of color, and ranks 3rd in overall poverty.  

But, Rochester also has a bright future. It is surrounded by a vibrant Monroe County with thriving suburban towns and villages, a highly educated adult population, and lively leisure and entertainment activities.  


As your representative, I will fight to ensure resources are distributed equitably to our district, advocate for needed services in our community, and work to make sure county government is functioning in your best interest.


When we bring equity to Rochester, we will have a thriving city center that bolsters the county's progress. Rochester neighborhoods will have the same benefits and opportunities as the surrounding towns and villages, and Rochester residents will be as prosperous as their suburban neighbors. 

My goal is to end the "tale of two cities" identity that has characterized our city, and see Rochester and Monroe County growing and flourishing as a united community.  


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If you believe in this fight, join our team, donate to our campaign, and share our vision. This is the fight for our lives.

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